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Greenbank Technology Ltd: A market leader in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for the Global Beverage Can Making sector and Thermal Process systems to many diverse industries worldwide.

Founded in 1954, Greenbank Technology was acquired by CPM Holdings Inc in 2008. CPM Holdings employs 1,200 people and operates 15 industry-leading brands across 26 sites in Europe, North and South America, Russia and Asia



To recruit a Managing Director for Greenbank Technology and support the strengthening of their Engineering Function across Design, Controls Software and Engineering Management.

As part of CPM Holdings, Greenbank Technology grew its market-leading position as a supplier of choice to the canmaking industry and cemented its reputation for quality and service.

However, the stability and strategic direction provided by the previous Managing Director was lost following their retirement and the business went through a challenging period without the continuity, strong leadership and technical know-how that had underpinned the success of the business.

Recognising the need for fresh impetus and transformation, CPM Holdings Inc contacted FoodEng Recruitment with a brief to source a Managing Director for Greenbank Technology, who’s mandate would be to re-engage with customers and enable further growth by applying their engineering and commercial skills.

From conversations with the Group President and Group HR Director of CPM Holdings Inc it became apparent that it’s the culture that makes the company great, so identifying an individual with the right ‘culture fit’ was as important as finding someone with the necessary Commercial and Technical management experience.

It was paramount that the Managing Director shared CPM’s integrity and values, operating philosophies, passion for the business and unwavering commitment to customer service. The business required a natural leader to develop a lean, motivated and empowered team, where employees would have a high degree of autonomy to pursue goals aligned to the mission and company values.

As CPM would be investing significant resources in Greenback Technology, developing the product portfolio, and aligning business processes to support global growth, it was imperative the new Managing Director had a deep understanding of the Can Making Industry and Thermal Process Equipment, combined with commercial acumen and the ability to build trust and relationships with customers.


As FoodEng Recruitment works exclusively in the Food Manufacturing and Food Machinery sector, we were able to utilise existing relationships with customers of Greenbank Technology to gain feedback from a different perspective, which gave us a two-dimensional viewpoint of the business. Speaking confidentially with customers provided further indication as to the challenge facing the business, and in turn, the type of individual and skills required to meet the challenge.

Following a rigorous selection process, a Managing Director was appointed, possessing proven senior leadership success both commercially and operationally, within numerous organisations including those supplying Thermal Process Solutions and Equipment for the canmaking industry.

The Managing Director appointed was excited by the prospect of leading the company during a period of transformation and tremendous opportunity and has been instrumental in driving Greenbank’s sales growth by improving quality systems, developing new products, gaining new business and re-engaging with customers. They have facilitated significant ‘cultural change’, created a strong clear vision and built a highly capable team to assist with the transition.

The overall quality of the candidate shortlist was noted by both the President and Group HR Director of CPM Holdings Inc, evidencing the thorough search conducted, utilising a range of recruitment methods and sources to identify suitable candidates. This included the appraisal of proven senior Food Machinery professionals used on previous projects and new candidates sourced via recommendations from trusted industry sources. In addition, a wide-ranging online advertising campaign was used.

Utilising extensive knowledge of the key individuals employed within the Food Machinery market combined with proven recruitment processes, skill and tenacity, enabled us to deliver this recruitment project successfully, which was followed up by assisting Greenbank Technology Ltd to recruit the following Engineering positions (both Permanent and Contract personnel):

Engineering Manager; Controls Software Engineers; Design Engineers


Client Feedback

"I joined Greenbank via Stephen (FoodEng Consultant). I have to  say it was a thorough process which they guided me through with ease - the interviews and meetings were made flexible to  suit me  and the information provided about the role was accurate and precise.

Since being successful I switched from candidate to customer. We utilise Stephen (FoodEng Consultant) on a preferred basis and his accuracy in matching candidates to roles and businesses is one of the best I have experienced. Stephen is methodical and culture fit is another metric he uses to ensure the candidate is a fit.

To date every one of the candidates he has supplied have excelled in the position they came into. I have no hesitation in providing a recommendation of Stephen (FoodEng Consultant) and the service he provides."

Managing Director - Greenbank Technology Ltd

Further clients supported by FoodEng: